Does size really matter for women?

While men are concerned about the size of their penises compared to other men, most surveys have revealed that most women do not seem to be nearly half as concerned about the history of the tape measure as he uses it (as Also, whether it shows talent in other areas sexually beyond sexual intercourse) than how tall it is. Indeed, a study conducted by researchers at UCLA and Cal State Los Angeles involving 26,437 women, ages 18-65, 84% of women were “very satisfied” with the size of her husband’s penis, while only 14% felt it was larger and 2% smaller.

Just in case you are wondering; the typical flaccid penis is 3.5 inches long, while 70% of men worldwide have a penis measuring 6¼ inches or less, with only 1% (as reported) having a penis that is longer than 8¾ inches when it does is completely erect. sagging penises grow more as an erection than large sagging ones.

While this proves that size in bed is not as important as people think, the actual size of the man as a whole is important when it comes to specific socio-economic factors, including education, career opportunities and even potential potential after one new study from Exeter University in England.

After studying the DNA of more than 120,000 adults, researchers found that men genetically predisposed to low physique had less education and lower salaries than men with “high” genes. In fact, they reported that a man’s annual income rose “nearly $ 2,300 for every 2-1 / 2 inches in height” that results strictly from genetics, rather than diet or economic status. Similarly, they found that the BMI (body mass index) of a woman can influence her ability to progress.
For example, the study claims that if a woman has a “genetically predicted” weight of 28 pounds more than others her same height, she is more than likely to make as much as $ 4,300 less annually.

This is by far the strongest evidence that there is a casual connection to inferior living conditions based on the physical appearance of both sexes, said that Guardian Meanwhile, though he admitted that many shorter men and overweight women are very successful, he added,” Science must now ask why we see this pattern. “

One of the most commonly accepted reasons is that both men and women who do not conform to the accepted “cultural standard” of what is a more physically desirable body image can actually become victims of overt discrimination and sabotage themselves. through feelings of inadequacy, poor self-esteem and depression.

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