You must read this first before naming your child

You may ask, “What’s in a name?” After all, a “rose under another name can still smell so sweet …” However, according to a series of studies by Dr.Albert Mehrabian, emeritus professor of psychology at UCLA and author of the self-published Baby Name Report Card: Useful and Harmful Baby Names The name you go through can influence preconceived ideas about what kind of person you belong to before somebody actually gets to know you.

Although children born to wealthy or prominent parents have access to numerous benefits that others lack, Mehrabian is firmly convinced that one of the greatest gifts parents can give to their children at birth by all means is a name, that can help them with their success. the future.

To prove his point, he asked more than 2,000 people (in 7 studies in the early 2000s) to voice their opinions about what kind of person they believed someone they had never met would be based only on their first name , The basic purpose of the projects was to find out which individuals are most likely to make someone “intelligent, creative, confident and assertive, etc.” to watch. Participants were also asked to find out what names they are likely to be “funny and popular, ethical, caring or male or female.”

“These are all things parents should consider before naming their child,” he commented.

In the end, while many people tend to “fad” names, others seek to call their children after family members, or make strange names like magician Penn Gillette, who called his daughter “Moxie Crime Fighter”, Nicholas Cage who chose the name Kal-El for his son and Nichole Kidman and Keith Urban, who chose the names Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, just to name a few. However, the professor believes that they can actually “hinder” their children in the long run.

“I saw how parents did incredible things with the names of their poor children because they were creative and thought they were unique,” Mehrabian said in an interview with Bloomberg News 2016. “Believe me, you do not want to To name a child with an unattractive name and let it go through life and bear the consequences. “

In the meantime, he advertises the truly “classic” as those with real “permanent power.” Among the best rated boys, the names for the success (according to his studies) are reported: Steven, Christopher, David, Robert, Kenneth, Parker, Thomas, James and Ross. The girls include Elizabeth, Katherine (and Catherine), Susan, Lorraine, Kate, and Madeline.

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