5 Reasons Why You Should Start Lifting Weights

There are no results despite hundreds of aerobic lessons? You know every train and coach by name and without luck? Then read on this article and I’ll give you the reason and the reasons you need to do to lose weight again.

It is true that aerobics will burn the most calories during the sessions but a weight loss plan based on more aerobic and less food will only work in the beginning. On this basis, a mixed training program will follow that will consist of a mix of aerobic classes and starvation. No matter how good it seems, we will tell you that this approach will only bring good results at the beginning.

5 Reasons to Lift Weights Training

Basal Metabolic (BM)

You are probably aware of the effects of basal metabolism (BM) during weight loss. This type of BM has to do with all the calories burned in the breaks between workouts. There are “brain and heart” maintenance activities that will burn up to 75% of your daily calories. That is in a few words in BM.

Apart from that, your body is able to lose weight even when used properly because the body’s muscle mass is permanently linked to BM. The more muscle you have, the higher your BM. Nevertheless, it pays to invest a little time in lifting weights.

Efficient Vs. Not efficient

Our cardiovascular system is one of the most efficient systems when it comes to burning calories as a fuel. Do we also need efficiency in weight loss? The answer is definitely “no”. We need to make the system burn as many calories as possible instead of using them as efficiently as possible.

Darwin Theory

This has to do with the survival of the fittest and will explain why people in the most difficult parts of the world have managed to adapt and thrive. Your body adapts from day to day and challenges challenging. Do you remember your first training session? I’m pretty sure you almost felt lost after 15 minutes. However, your body eventually adjusted to the effort while “learning” how to spend less calories with the same effort. The best way to avoid such an unpleasant result is to combine the aerobic lessons with weightlifting during the week.

Sugar Storage

You can think of your muscles as a storeroom, storing the excess glycogen produced by overeating. In addition to the muscles, glycogen is also stored in the liver and fat (which you do not want). Apart from that, weightlifting usually uses the glycogen stored in the muscles, which becomes the “preferred glycogen storage space”.

Making the most of your free time
It is true that aerobic sessions will burn more calories during exercise, but weight training will burn more calories within the next 24 hours after the actual workout is done. Having said that, train smart! Combined exercise planning will be a better alternative for people who want to burn calories at the same intensity over a longer period of time.

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