10 Good Reasons to Start Running Right Now

I’m pretty sure there are thousands of reasons that come to your mind and prevent you from being more active when it comes to giving your body a fair amount of exercise. You are either too tired when you come home from your office, too tired in the morning too tired, after a full day on high hills you do not fancy the sports shoes (which, incidentally, even a number are small J), it is not enough space at home, too far from the gym (where too many sweaty people are always on your favorite treadmill), it’s raining outside to go jogging, etc., etc. of which you face a number of unforeseen reasons every day: Being ill, working overtime, having children problems (if applicable), other things you have to sort out or simply, you do not want to do any exercises today.

In view of the above, it is very easy to wash out even the slightest thought of sport or any form of exercise that may be beneficial to the body. I will not recommend you to attend expensive fitness programs, Pilates or 100 push-ups every morning, but I will try to talk you into … jogging. This is a very cost effective and effective measure and can be easily performed at no extra cost if you are unable to get near your building.

There is no reason not to do it, now you have 10 reasons to start jogging.

You can do it anywhere. The easier the target sport, the fewer reasons to avoid it. You can do this anytime, anytime, anywhere without being restricted by a gym or timetable.

Here you can meet new people sharing the same interests as you . If you do not want a “jogging buddy”, you can try to spend more time with yourself.

Fulfilling a Dream . Whether you want to lose weight or exercise, you can start jogging. 10-20 minutes a day.

Live longer . If you want, there is a lot of literature that supports this.

Burn the extra calories . In this way, you become too much of the guilt associated with overeating or a cake.

For a better smile . When you exercise, the released serotonin brings your smile to your face without realizing it.

For a better understanding . You need to improve your memory, for example, there is a whole range of literature that combines physical exercises with thought exercises.

Become energetic . Although you’re tired right after your jogging session is over, you’ll be “livelier” and more bubbly all day.

For a better night’s sleep . Daily exercise is known to help your body relax better during the night. sleep.

Real excuse for shopping . If you need new sports shoes, you can shop on a mission.

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